Signs of the Apocalypse (Amsterdam)

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Here are a few shots from my recent trip to Amsterdam…

DNA Spray? After some investigating I discovered that “DNA Spray” is in fact a anti-theft deterrent for shoplifters… Basically, if you walk out of a shop with a stolen item you will be dowsed in a chemical agent that will leave your DNA information on the sidewalk in liquid form…

This is what I was told by an Amsterdam local, but I’m still not convinced this is real… The other signs are self-explainatory… I think?

photo 3

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Signs of the Apocalypse 2.0

image I started this project when I began grad school three years ago… Sadly I was unable to pursue the endeavor the way I had planned.

However, I have teamed up with local Photographer, Katie Hovland and the project has been resurrected and born anew…

Please follow and check out these links to see the project:



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Newser Turns Nose at Newspapers

Wolff in Journalists’ Clothing

Will and news aggregators be the end of traditional print newspapers? This is the question print journalists from all platforms of print media are asking. The answer is simple: maybe…

After watching the video of’s founder, Michael Wolff speak about how he wants to put an end to print media, there are many concerns as to if this doomsday scenario for print media is possible.

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DePaul: The Muggers Map

Last summer the Lincoln Park/ DePaul University area was plagued with a rash of brutal muggings. All the muggings occurred between July 30th, 2009 – Aug. 4th, 2009. Police, as of Dec. 27th, 2009 still have not arrested anyone for these crimes.

All the victims were males in their 20s who were walking alone. The city flag below is a link to the map that outlines the locations and times of these attacks, and two additional attacks that police suspect could be related to the DePaul muggings. Anyone that has any information about these crimes should contact the Chicago Police Department (312) 742-5870.


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FLYPing The Script

Magazine Devolution

The recent downfall of print media has had a large impact on the medium of magazines. Hard copies of magazine giants like The New Yorker, Newsweek and Playboy -yes, even Playboy might be a thing of the past. As print magazines quickly go the way of the Dinosaurs, (do not pass extinction, do not collect $200 dollars) contemporary on-line magazines such as FLYP are slowly climbing atop the multimedia food-chain.
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The Digital Journalist and the Advent of New, New Journalism

Digital Journalist
As journalism turns away from the printed page and more towards the digital landscape of web-based platforms it is important for journalists to discover their place in this technological universe. Journalist, will in essence, need to become more versatile in their technical skill set while at the same time committing themselves to a specific niche or topic from which to speak from.

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