FLYPing The Script

Magazine Devolution

The recent downfall of print media has had a large impact on the medium of magazines. Hard copies of magazine giants like The New Yorker, Newsweek and Playboy -yes, even Playboy might be a thing of the past. As print magazines quickly go the way of the Dinosaurs, (do not pass extinction, do not collect $200 dollars) contemporary on-line magazines such as FLYP are slowly climbing atop the multimedia food-chain.

FLYP For It…
FLYP has simply taken the template of magazine-style publication and created a virtual version for the digital consumers of today’s mass media market. The layout of the site is cleverly designed to replicate the experience of reading a magazine. As you read the articles and tick the page arrow button, a simulated page flips over, which is accompanied by the familiar sound of an actual page turning. This is one of the little style features that makes FLYP stand out.

More Than Magazines
The overall content was entertaining and informative just like a print magazine. FLYP brings their content together in such a way that each story displays a multi-layered, multimedia attack on the senses. The best example of this is the “ballhawk” story on Zack Hample. The story’s lead is a simple feature write-up about 500 words long, but as the reader continues to flip the fabricated pages the story gets more complex. This particular story includes video, charts, graphs, audio, links and pictures, which are easily accessible and interactive allowing the reader to scroll through and share the experience of the story while reading along.

The FLYP method explores almost every aspect of the 10 Laws of Interactive Storytelling. There are a few laws that do not apply to FLYP, such as number seven and nine. The site could try to figure out ways to make their stories more viral and work on a few minor page navigation issues, but overall FLYP is truly more than a magazine.

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