DePaul: The Muggers Map

Last summer the Lincoln Park/ DePaul University area was plagued with a rash of brutal muggings. All the muggings occurred between July 30th, 2009 – Aug. 4th, 2009. Police, as of Dec. 27th, 2009 still have not arrested anyone for these crimes.

All the victims were males in their 20s who were walking alone. The city flag below is a link to the map that outlines the locations and times of these attacks, and two additional attacks that police suspect could be related to the DePaul muggings. Anyone that has any information about these crimes should contact the Chicago Police Department (312) 742-5870.


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2 responses to “DePaul: The Muggers Map

  1. Thanks for posting. Incident maps like these add so much detail.

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